LMAL: Health

This chapter is totally in my wheelhouse-it almost feels like cheating to get to focus on it! Don't be too surprised if you see the next chapter of my experiment too, alongside this, since physical health is a huge focus of my life on the daily anyway. I've discovered that my physical well being and mental [...]

LMAL: moving forward!

So, yesterday I decided that if I wait till I have "mornings" down to a science to move forward in my experiment, I'm gonna be waiting a long long time. At this point, I know what needs to change for the long term, and I can continue working towards that, even as I open up [...]

LMAL: still working on mornings

So, I thought that when Declan moved to his own room mornings would get easier for me. They haven't yet, and I've become less disciplined. I really need to recommit to staying off Facebook till after I work out, for all the reasons. I also need to have a solid backup plan for if the [...]

LMAL Chapter Two: Mornings

I read and started planning changes from this chapter last Friday (it's Tuesday now). So far I have a really good plan/list of ideas that I have yet to be able to really implement. The weekend was all about Lexi's recital and recovering from it, and that's fine, great, fantastic even, just nothing approaching normal. [...]

LMAL Chapter 1: Quiet

To read the premise for my experiment (aka what the heck I'm talking about): http://sweetmaeb.blogspot.com/2016/06/loving-my-actual-life-book-and.html?m=1I read the first chapter of Alex's experiment today, and i think this part is gonna be a biggie for me. Not actual literal quiet, but the virtual quiet, the mental and emotional constant background noise caused by social media and my [...]