October Goals

Once again, I discover a blog post I thought I had published is half written! Sorry for the lateness of this! I’m just going to adapt the post titled “September Goals”, so I can share what I worked on last month, and what I will be focusing on this coming month. I’d like to share [...]

Last 90 days of 2019

So, I’ve seen a lot of the bloggers/writers/ social media folks in my Instagram Feed talking about their #Last90days plan for 2019, and I love it! It’s easy and inspirational, and maybe more natural to be driven to New Year’s Resolutions, goals, and big plans for the new year to come, but maybe takes a [...]

Baby Duck is FOUR!

Oh Ducky Duddles, Bubber, Bub, Babyman, D, D-Zilla, Sillibub, Maui, Catboy, Gekko, George, King Bub, Bear Bub, Monkey, or whichever character you are today... I cannot believe you are four. Partly because you have plenty of sweet baby boy left in you, partly because time has flown so quickly, but it just seems impossible, like [...]