November Challenge (Days 1 & 2)

So, one of the fitness accounts i follow on Insta is doing a November Challenge, and I decided to use it as writing prompts for this site. (Hopefully in addition to all the other wonderful things I'll be sharing this month. ) November 1 Goals and Gratitude- Awesome place to start. Okay, what are my [...]

Quick fitness update 7/29/17

I haven't written much about exercise lately, and I know y'all are missing the play by play. (Sarcasm) seriously, though, a lot has been happening in this area. No, we have not achieved #ropesngunsnabs, yet-but many changes, nonetheless. I'm getting my mojo back! No, not in that way-well, yes in that way, but that's not [...]

Ladybug is Five

Oh, My Lexi. My vibrant, funny, brilliant, creative, expressive, passionate, emotional, energetic, loving, wild and crazy girl. I can't believe you're five already. Your baby years are behind us, and you're crossing the bridge from little girl to big girl faster by the day. I'm So proud of you in so many ways, and mystified [...]