LMAL: moving forward!

So, yesterday I decided that if I wait till I have “mornings” down to a science to move forward in my experiment, I’m gonna be waiting a long long time. At this point, I know what needs to change for the long term, and I can continue working towards that, even as I open up the next chapter in this journey. And, as if for confirmation of this realization, yesterday was about the smoothest morning I’ve had in this chapter! Go figure. 

I got up on time, came down, dodged a couple breakfast related wrenches, had my Devo time, got dressed, started my workout (only 10 minutes late, due to anxiety flaring up), finished my workout (only twenty minutes late, due to toddler interruptions and needing more breaks than usual cuz it was a really tough workout, y’all!), fed Lexi, nursed the Bub, washed my face and put on makeup, fed the Bub breakfast, got us all ready for a walk, and was home from that walk well before noon. 
Now, there are many improvements to be made, like having everything for the walk prepped ahead, streamlining my grooming time, maybe giving Bub his breakfast while on the walk(?), a better focus to make more of the time between 9-1030 (because we will need that during the school year), but overall, it went pretty well. 
Most of what I need to make my mornings run smoothly happens in the night before, and I’m doing *better* about being disciplined in making those things happen, but there’s still work to do. Also, a few weekly items to make into routine. When I do get my evening routine dialed in more, I’m hoping to start getting up earlier, which will allow everything to shift back a bit. I can’t rush that, though, because sleep is my best single weapon in  this battle against anxiety. Well, that, and my kids’ smiles and hugs. 

Hopefully, with this foundation set, I can continue adding elements to our days that make us all better able to love our lives more. This school year fast approaches (7 more weeks!) and I’d like to have some rhythm by Sept 5. After this chapter of my experiment, I definitely feel better equipped to keep marching toward better mornings, which fuel and lead to better days. 

The next chapter, which I’ll write on tomorrow,  is about intentionality in relationships and being with people, and as much as I love to love people, with where I am in my journey with PPDA, I’m about to panic just thinking about it. 
Pray for me, y’all…

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