Wellness Wednesday 2/12/20

Nutrition: this has generally been fine. No major events to report. I mostly stuck to my meal planning, other than one Chipotle run because I didn’t feel like making soup. And Thai curry tonight because I was too tired to do...anything. I really enjoy having a plan for my meals, because it relieves the stress [...]

Freedom in Routine

Today, as I was working through some wellness goal setting, I found myself almost literally hungry for one specific thing: to be finished losing weight. Not in the sense of wanting a quick fix or to rush the process, or for instant gratification. If you know anything about my story, you know that thought is [...]

Wellness Wednesday 1/29/20

I’m tired of starting these posts remarking how it has been awhile. hopefully I won’t have to anymore, because things are different now, but... let’s just get to it, hmm? I have been working through a lot of deep thoughts about my wellness, my WHY (which I have written a lot about, over the years, [...]