LMAL: still working on mornings

So, I thought that when Declan moved to his own room mornings would get easier for me. They haven’t yet, and I’ve become less disciplined. I really need to recommit to staying off Facebook till after I work out, for all the reasons. I also need to have a solid backup plan for if the kids wake up during “my time”. For now, Declan can eat breakfast and then play in the pack n play while I do my thing. That’s fine. But if Lexi gets up that’s trickier, and we are beginning the “you have to stay in your room till I come get you” battle lately. 

Right now it’s 8:03 and I’m nursing Declan. I got a really good night of sleep, and if I’d have stayed off fb and done all my prep for today last night, maybe I’d have started my workout on time and  I’d have just left him in his crib while I finished up in the next few minutes. But…I didn’t. I feel like by the time the kids go to bed at night I am just ready to check out and relax. I could/should attack the giant pile of laundry, do my prep for tomorrow, etc, but I don’t and it sets me up for disappointment in myself the next day. I need to break this cycle because the failure is not good for my productivity or my mental health. I need to set myself up for success and I’m going to start today. 

Here are the things I *will* make happen today (not necessarily in this order): 

-plan food/to-do’s for today and tomorrow
-Jillian workout
-wash last load laundry
-play in pool with kids
-fold all laundry that’s downstairs
-vitamins and coffee setup. 
Tomorrow I’ll attempt to finish the laundry pile. And more pool time. 

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