My Favorite Things


For the Love -this book fed my soul and made me laugh!
You Are Loved -this book changed my life!
I Am Devotional – a great introduction or refresher on who we are in God’s eyes.
Loving My Actual Life -this experiment is so fantastic for adjusting perspective and helping to become more intentional!

Grace, Not Perfection – this was a great follow up to Loving My Actual Life-a call to less pressure and more joy!

The Dream of You – THIS BOOK. I have struggled so much with my identity, and this book came at just the right time to help me along the way to reclaim the voice of who God has made me.

Cultivate– this book changed so much for me. It’s given me a whole new perspective on this journey toward being the person God wants me to be, and Who is making me grow.

Cultivate What Matters– here you can find SO many resources for pursuing your goals and intimacy with the One who has placed them in your heart.

Other Stuff:

HIITBURN– These folks have such a great perspective on food and fitness and I adore them and the resources here.

The Daily Kelsey– half the team that started HIITBURN. If I was going to follow only one account on Instagram it would be hers. AMAZING athlete with an UNBELIEVABLE heart and mission to encourage and empower. Her wisdom on food and fitness and self love is changing my life daily.

Outlander– The show on Starz and the books, the actors, all of it. OB-SESSED

Peloton– yes, I’m one of those people. I have the bike and i use it almost daily, along with the strength training, bootcamp, yoga, and meditation classes available digitally. If you want to know more about it click and/or ASK ME!

If you decide to purchase a bike or treadmill, and you use my referral code (N45WDF ) You’ll get $100 toward accessories at checkout!