Loving My Actual Life: book and experiment

So, today I started a new book. Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall. I’m already hooked and so excited to read about her experiment in falling in love with the life she has TODAY instead of waiting “until…”. 

I’m going to be spending the next nine weeks (or more, if needed) doing my own experiment and writing about it here for you to follow along (and maybe join me if you’re so inspired!) all posts related to this will be titled and tagged “LMAL”
The verse she gave to reflect on for the introduction was Matthew 11:23. This verse keeps popping up in my life lately, so it seems clear that God is telling me something. So I’m really reflecting on and absorbing what this means, right now, today, for my life. And for a start, I think it means tha I need to ask myself, at the start and end of each day, 
What burdens do I need to offload so I can accept and enjoy the rest Jesus is offering today? 
That’s a start, anyway. 

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