LMAL Chapter Two: Mornings

I read and started planning changes from this chapter last Friday (it’s Tuesday now). So far I have a really good plan/list of ideas that I have yet to be able to really implement. The weekend was all about Lexi’s recital and recovering from it, and that’s fine, great, fantastic even, just nothing approaching normal. Then Sunday night we put D in his crib at night for the first time, and while he did great-6 hours without waking up!- it was not a restful night of sleep for me, and yesterday morning, while fairly productive, was a mess. Today has promise, though it hasn’t begun according to plan exactly, it still has time to merge back to the plan. I’ll get in my routine, and this chapter of my experiment is all about creating that routine that starts my day right so I’m equipped to continue that good start with the kids! 

I had an amazing morning routine with Lexi for about a year before I got pregnant with Declan. I got up at 6, had breakfast, devotions, worked out, showered sometimes, got dressed, then got Lexi up and we went for a walk while she ate breakfast. Having another little life in the mix has added complication to creating routine for sure-especially since for far too long my life revolved around his nursing schedule. But now we are in a new home, he’s moving to his own bed, learning to use a cup, and I think we are ready for some normalcy! 

Changes I’m going to make to smooth out and fire up my mornings:
-Streamline “mama time” before kids are up.  I want to make this time both more peaceful and more productive. 
 How? By asking myself some questions: 
-what means the most to get done in this time?
   -workout (goal: start within an hour of waking)
    -breakfast/make bed/get pretty
-what is in the way?
  -I have trouble actually getting my body started with working out. I drag my feet and then get upset I’m running late. 
-what could help?
  -better prep the night before: coffee, remote(we tend to lose it), workout clothes, water bottle, breakfast, which weights I’ll need.
  -giving myself a physical wake up. Warming up with a short yoga session on non push up days and my first set of push ups on Monday/Thursday so my body is ready to move. 
Example of how I’d like my pre-kids time to go: 
-downstairs/drink something
-push ups or sun sal
-bible time/get coffee
-push ups/<20 m yoga
-push ups, start workout
-eat, recover, go get pretty and make bed
Things I need to prep the night before: 
-my breakfast (weekly?)
-tomorrow’s to-do list (star the top 3 items)
-workout clothes
Like I said, these are all the things I’m working toward, but haven’t quite made happen yet. I’m really excited to see how they impact our day though! 

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