October Goals

Once again, I discover a blog post I thought I had published is half written! Sorry for the lateness of this! I’m just going to adapt the post titled “September Goals”, so I can share what I worked on last month, and what I will be focusing on this coming month. I’d like to share [...]

Last 90 days of 2019

So, I’ve seen a lot of the bloggers/writers/ social media folks in my Instagram Feed talking about their #Last90days plan for 2019, and I love it! It’s easy and inspirational, and maybe more natural to be driven to New Year’s Resolutions, goals, and big plans for the new year to come, but maybe takes a [...]

Wellness Wednesday, 10.2.19

Hi! Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, where I’m going to endeavor to, on the same day each week, update you on where I am with my physical and mental wellness, covering food, rest, exercise, and self care practices and how they are (or aren’t) serving me and my goals. I’m going to also keep it pretty [...]

Fall 2019: Balancing training and recovery with a new system and new tools

Obviously I have written here more about my fitness journey than any other topic. It's been a huge part of my personal growth journey, and even though it's been rocky and slow and frustrating at times, especially the past few years, it have learned so much- not just about food and exercise, but about myself, [...]

Fall 2019: Nutrition and supplements to heal and to support my goals

I've shared a lot recently about how my approach to nutrition has evolved, and I've shared in the past about the supplements I've tried in order to heal my body and, by extension, support healing in my mental health. As I've continued to educate myself on the physical effects of stress, hoping to figure out [...]

Some Starting Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

I promised some ideas of things you can do to start yourself on the path to being healthier in general, and losing excess weight, if that’s something you need or desire to do. I’m going to try to break them into categories, based on what’s easiest, some that are a bit more aggressive, and also [...]