Wellness Wednesday 4/29/20

It’s been a great week! Let’s get into it!

Nutrition: I feel really good about where I am with this right now. I am on track with my seed cycling, not starving all the time, have the energy generally to do what I need and want to, and I’m really enjoying my food. I’m doing pretty well at keeping my rice to one serving a day at most- kidding that I’m making that a rule, it’s more of an awareness and asking myself if maybe there is something my body needs more. Today I really did want more at first, but twenty minutes or so later, I realized I was satisfied, and didn’t need more today. I made Spaghetti al Limon the other night, and it was a huge hit, so I anticipate that being a thing now. I am trying to be mindful to get enough protein and increase my veggies as able (it’s weird trying to eat veggies in this COVID season.)

Rest: I’ve been a rockstar in this area. Bed on time every night, up when I intend to be every morning, and not groggy by the time I start my workout. I am going to try to improve rest quality by taking supplements and wearing my blueblockers more. I’ve actually been getting tired at the right time of day, which is super cool.

I’m also teaching myself to take intentional time for renewal each day alone. Time I’m not working or momming or cleaning, planning, or even writing. It’s hard for me, because I feel like I shouldn’t need it every day, and that I certainly shouldn’t need multiple hours at a time, but I do. And that is okay. It is okay for me to need.

Exercise: this is going so much better than it was even a couple weeks ago. I’m doing really well with the structure of JMBR for my strength, and my cycling is going so amazing that I hit not one but THREE PR’s in my last 4 rides. I am getting fitter and stronger and really feel excited about that. Yoga is going exceptionally well too, especially my consistency with practicing. I am really hopeful that before long my long awaited chaturangas will happen.

Self care: my legs are shaved, my nails are trimmed, if not manicured, and my skincare has been near flawless the past week. I am loving the way this feels, and I really want to keep it up. I have a mani/pedi set on the way, and now that my legs are out of sasquatch mode, they will be easier to maintain.

Soul care: I have really enjoyed my soul care time lately, but of all these, this is where there is the most need for improvement. I tend to get scattered and distracted, or want to write during this time, and I need to have more discipline in slowing down to read and respond to what God is saying to me. Breathe deep, sit, listen.

Body image/love: still kinda wrestling here, but this week I am gonna say that I love that my body pushed me over 300 kJ in my Monday ride.

SO excited to keep going and keep sharing!

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