Momming in Corona-Land

I wrote the other day about how very little of what we now need to be doing as far as social distancing/self isolation/whatever you want to call it, is new for me. I do hate it, both having to admit that, and I really hate living it. But, like so many things I’ve experienced ,I [...]

Wellness Wednesday 3/18/20

Crazy Times, y’all... Obviously there’s a lot to talk about, and I’m sere you’ll hear a lot from me on many topics, but today I’m going to try to stay on topic while still sharing how I’m making the best of a hard and crazy situation, and maybe-hopefully- helping you find new ways to do [...]

Some thoughts on creative socializing and mental health… (I need a better title)

So obviously with all that’s happening with coronavirus we’re all having a lot of adjustments to our new (temporary) normal. Many are beginning to work from home, most to practice social distancing on some level, and that’s good and wise, but for most everyone it’s entirely new, and maybe even scary and depressing. For me [...]

Wellness Wednesday 2/12/20

Nutrition: this has generally been fine. No major events to report. I mostly stuck to my meal planning, other than one Chipotle run because I didn’t feel like making soup. And Thai curry tonight because I was too tired to do...anything. I really enjoy having a plan for my meals, because it relieves the stress [...]

Freedom in Routine

Today, as I was working through some wellness goal setting, I found myself almost literally hungry for one specific thing: to be finished losing weight. Not in the sense of wanting a quick fix or to rush the process, or for instant gratification. If you know anything about my story, you know that thought is [...]

Wellness Wednesday 1/29/20

I’m tired of starting these posts remarking how it has been awhile. hopefully I won’t have to anymore, because things are different now, but... let’s just get to it, hmm? I have been working through a lot of deep thoughts about my wellness, my WHY (which I have written a lot about, over the years, [...]