Wellness Wednesday 4/1/20

It’s crazy times, y’all. I never got to write last week’s post, and I just had to let it go without trying to get caught up, because…life is just bonkers right now. I feel like I spent most of the last week just trying to get the right groceries delivered. I’m also in PMS limbo, and feel like flat out garbage the past few days physically. So, let’s see what we’ve got here…

Nutrition: I haven’t been binging on snacks, as seems to be common for many. I have also been more intentional about eating breakfast during normal breakfast hours, so that situation is improving. I have been eating lots more carbs than usual, mostly in the form of toast and rice. I’m not sweating that, just letting it be what it is, as long as my body feels okay and not sluggish. I am trying to get some intentional veggies and protein in, as well as good fats, mostly in the form of nuts, nut butter, and kerrygold butter. I was ravenous a lot of last week, likely due to an increase in cardio. I’m going to continue trying to balance the rice with plenty of veggies as available.

Rest: I am getting better in general about going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. It’s still in that foggy when I wake up phase, so I’m giving myself grace and not pushing too hard to do when I first wake up. I’m also making a concerted effort -especially during this PMS nonsense-to have time where I unplug and just enjoy something. Monday I sat in the sun in the backyard for hours reading, and it was glorious. I’m definitely going to continue this intentional renewal and pursuing better sleep/wake habits.

Exercise: I managed to work out for 12 days straight! My streak got broken last night because this PMS stuff has been kicking my butt. All of those days I did cycle or yoga classes, and most days I did both. I did a little upper body strength work a few of those days, and walked at least a mile most of them too. I noticed that even though my muscles felt fatigued during my rides last weekend, and my body did too -likely a combination of hormones and getting back into a workout routine-I didn’t feel sore on waking. So, that’s something. I haven’t worked out since Midday yoga on Monday other than brief walks with the kids. I’m going to do a restorative yoga before bed, and tomorrow I’ll ease into my “routine” of (maybe a walk, less important since we don’t yet have a dog), upper body/core strength training, a (live this time!) ride, and 30 minutes of yoga. I probably won’t push too hard during the ride, but the important thing is showing up.

Self care: I’m still trash at washing my face and putting on real clothes and showering daily. Sigh. I’ll get there. I’m hoping to give myself a manicure in the next few days, after I build my desk.

Soul care: I have done some form of this every day of the last week. Some days I’ve copied a verse, some days I’ve also responded to it. I’ve prayer journaled, and today I just had a worship bash with the kids using YouTube for about a half hour. I’m hoping to transition back to my ideal method of quieting myself and having time alone in my bedroom to recenter and study while the kids play in their rooms, and as weather allows, do it in the backyard sometimes. I love my meditations and reading and praying in the sunshine.

Body image/love: this isn’t super great right now, as I’m premenstrual and swollen and blegh. But I’m not hating my body either.

This week I love how much strength I see in my body, how much more it is capable of than I realize and how, if I challenge it, and then love and care for its nourishment and recovery, it will get even stronger.

I’m really excited and optimistic about what this next week can hold, especially if my period starts soon. I hope you have a good one, and I’ll check in again next week!

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