Wellness Wednesday 4/22/20

Hey, Y’all! I hope this week has been good for you. It’s been a really productive one for me.

I feel like I’m doing better with Everything lately. I’m not where I want to be with anything, but I’m getting closer. I’m getting up earlier more consistently, eating more intentionally, working out in a more fulfilling way, writing more, spending time with Jesus more, and am starting to feel more in sync with myself in general. It is still very much a process though.

Nutrition: I have drastically reduced my rice intake. I say that both as a bit of a joke, and entirely seriously. I was eating a *lot* of rice for awhile, like I’ve said, and I couldn’t really pinpoint why, but I think I have, at least enough to be going forward with. I’m riding my bike more, and I think my body wants the carbs. I’m good with that, as long as I can mostly keep it balanced. I’m really enjoying my vitamin drink and the way I feel on days I drink it, and am hoping that my increased consistency with my seeds will have positive effects too. I’m still struggling with dinners, but getting better, and I feel like progress is coming with reclaiming the kitchen too. Scott made me some amazing eggs last weekend, and it didn’t even freak me out!

Rest: this is really getting better. I’ve been getting up at six most days, and am exhausted by the right time to go to bed- and, if I’m honest, mid afternoon too, but that will get better if I’m smart about sleeping extra when needed and increasing consistency in my sleep-wake cycles. I’m still working on *mental* rest and renewal, making myself take some downtime each day, where I’m not trying to accomplish anything. I am hoping to continue to spend some time each day resting or reading, either outside or just in a room where nobody else is.

Exercise: I solved my strength training problem! At least I think and hope I did. Long story short, I’m returning to my roots, working through Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution over the next 8 weeks, and Body Shred after that, followed by some more Jillian training, through the summer, in the fall, I’ll evaluate if i want to continue with Jill or switch to Peloton strength and heavy weights, with similar splits. I’m happy with it so far, and am hoping the familiarity with the program will help me be confident in working with heavier weights and challenging myself. I’m working up to riding 7 days a week, even if just for ten minutes. I didn’t get to today, but it’s important to listen to my body. I’m also really enjoying practicing yoga daily. I have hit a bunch of milestones in the past week: my 400th ride, 150th yoga flow, I did my first power yoga yesterday, and I’ve medaled in both the monthly activity challenges for Peloton.

Self care: I’m working on this. I’m showering more, though not daily, yet, and I’ve been doing the morning selfie thing, with over 50% consistency so far. I forgot to take one today, even though I *did* wash my face and get dressed. I still need to do all the mani/pedi, leg shaving, and facial stuff, but I’ll get there.

Soul care : Oh I’m really loving this lately. I’m getting better about keeping our morning going and the kids are learning the boundaries, slowly. Yesterday we went outside for this time and it was glorious. I hope to do that a lot more often. I’m doing my Write the Word Cultivate Renewal journal, and hopefully am going to wrap up a book or two by the end of the month. I’m listening to podcasts during the “get dressed/wash my face/make the bed” portion of this time, and that’s super uplifting.

Body image/love: I am really beginning to see my own strength and resilience and am hoping to really dig into that in May. I’m not seeing external progress yet, and I do feel impatient, but there’s not a whole lot I can do.

I DO LOVE that I did a pretty tough Intervals and Arms ride yesterday and *immediately* jumped into my first ever Power Yoga. I didn’t perform at the top of my game, but I did it, and it was fun.

I’m super optimistic and excited about the progress I am making, and I can’t wait to keep growing!


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