Wellness Update 6/8/20

It's not Wednesday, again. Considering everything going on lately, and particularly during the past week, writing about how I was feeling last Wednesday felt a little...trivial. What was going on in my health and fitness journey didn't seem worth sharing in light of the incredibly powerful events happening all over our country and the world. [...]

Can you fail your FTP Test?

I sure felt like I did, yesterday. Let me back up, because I've already lost most of you. FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, and it's basically a measure of fitness in a certain type of training, primarily, I believe, for cyclists and runners. Peloton offers Power Zone training, which is centered around increasing one's [...]

Wellness (Not Wednesday) 5.25.20

It's clearly Monday, not Wednesday, and I know I missed a couple weeks, but I'm okay. I'm more than okay, in fact. I'm growing, learning, adapting, and, in many ways, starting to thrive again. Nutrition: I had been thinking a lot on this, lately, wanting to preserve freedom while also fueling my body better. Then, [...]

It can be both

I know I have mostly written and shared messages of hope and optimism during this weird and crazy season, and maybe that's been frustrating to some of you who are really struggling. I'm here today to tell you that I don't always feel like a ray of sunshine, or full of hope, optimism, excitement, and [...]

Twenty One Years

"You're no verra sensible, Sassenach, but I like ye fine. Let's go.”-Jamie, Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) This Saturday, April 18, is our "together-versary". Our relationship is old enough to sit down with us and look back on its life so far with an adult beverage! And what a life it's been! Early on, in the infant [...]

Wellness Wednesday 4/15/20

I just wrote my last Wellness Wednesday, it feels like, but here we are! I’m lying in bed with Ducky, helping him wind down for his nap, and trying to sort out what’s happened this past week, and how I want to move forward. Because, really, moving forward is the only answer. I start to [...]

Wellness Wednesday, 4/8/20

It's such a weird time, isn't it? I'm writing this on Friday, because it's been just a crazy week, energy wise and emotionally. My period finally came last weekend, and while that is great, it's been a rough one. I've been having all the feels, while being tired, while dealing with the effect of this [...]

Wellness Wednesday 4/1/20

It’s crazy times, y’all. I never got to write last week’s post, and I just had to let it go without trying to get caught up, because...life is just bonkers right now. I feel like I spent most of the last week just trying to get the right groceries delivered. I’m also in PMS limbo, [...]