Wellness Wednesday 9/16/20

Wellness Wednesday 9/16/20

I’m not gonna lie, all the stuff I usually write about here has been very much back-burnered the past week in favor of focus on my yoga teacher training- and in that area, I’ve made tremendous progress! I’m over halfway done overall, and am totally finished with anatomy, which feels amazing. The rest of the program will be learning to actually teach, and that thought is both exhilarating and terrifying! I feel like I was made for it, though, and I have to trust that as my heart shines through, the mentors will see that.

Nutrition: This has been solidly…okay. Scott’s birthday was last Friday, so the whole weekend involved cake and ice cream, but it was really good cake and ice cream, and I have no regrets. I was really craving Chili on Monday, so I threw some-okay, a massive pot- together, and that was really good! I would like to have added some more veggies to it, like maybe some zuchinni, peppers, fresh onions and garlic, but I only had canned stuff- and no ground beef, so, for the first time ever, my red chili had chicken in it. Scott still loved it, so yay! I haven’t done super great about veggies the first half of this week, and that’s something I want to work on being intentional about, because I really do enjoy them- it’s a matter of effort, and all my energy has been going into YTT, up until now. That has to shift some, because I, in my body and mind, deserve to be cared for well.

Rest: Bedtime is going pretty well, overall- I’m going upstairs around 10:30, and if I tried a bit harder, would be lights out within minutes. I need some discipline there. As far as downtime, I have been kinda crashing by necessity, mid afternoon, so it’s happening, but mostly not in a renewing way, because I am so fried I am grumpy and resentful if anyone speaks to me. That’s not what we are going for, here! So, starting today, I am really going to work on balance, so I have energy for all the things that matter to me, not just one.

Exercise: This has been 99% yoga since vacation, and I am okay with that right now. Until today, I was walking around sore from just that, due to how my anatomy studies have changed my yoga practice, and that was both encouraging and weird. I’m also all jacked up hormonally, due to my period being really late- this is cycle day 48, so that’s a thing that is not great. It could be due to all the change (for the good) in my life in August, or the inconsistent nutrition and sleep, or all of the above. I just know I can’t get back to my full fitness routine until something happens there. I’m hoping to keep up yoga and add some light or fun rides until then.

Self Care: neeeeeext. No, but really. I think I took 2 showers last week, but that’s all I’ve got. My therapy homework from this morning is to wash my face every day for the next 2 weeks. That’s where we are with that.

Soul Care: uuuuuugh even worse. You can’t see it, but I am hiding my face. Balance, Mae! I’m glad for weeks like this, though, because it’s proof that even when you know what you need, sometimes you just plain don’t do it. I’m wrestling and struggling and overcoming daily.

Body Image/Love: I dunno, y’all. My period is late and I’m hungry and tired and bloated and and and. But, my body is serving me, because I have felt so much worse for so much longer. I just need to honor and care for my body in return.

This week I love my body because it tells me when it needs more- more/better nutrition, more movement, more rest, more care. I am going to continue to learn to listen better.

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