Walls of glass

Walls of glass,

Crystal clear, six inches thick

I live within

People pass, see me here

They don’t see the walls

So they Call me to come

But I’m stuck

The light dances, the world shines

Blessings abound, and all mine

But they lie outside

And there’s no door

I want to come!

I want to go!

I want to bathe in the sun and breathe the fresh air!

But these walls.

I hear life calling, I want to go play

Some days I feel the glass thinning

So close to breaking free

But then a shift, and they’re thicker than ever

I’m not weak, I’m not a coward

The walls are thick- I can’t force them thinner

I’ve tried and tried- see my scars?

Even a palace can feel like a prison

When you cannot leave it

You’ve had a taste, these last two years

Of isolation and being trapped

I’ve been in this glass box for five years now

Since my Pandora’s box cracked wide

Battling while wounded saps all strength

Healing and fighting all at once

I reach for truth and freedom and my

Fingertips feel only glass

Six inches thick

Some days thinner

Some days a warm ray of sun

Others a moment of cool breeze

Many days the clouds of shame

Obscure my view

Of this blessed life

I’m in this box, but I’ve not given up

I want to go!

I want to play!

I want to live and give and hug and laugh

A people person without her people

Barely feels like a person at all

But every day I look above

I know in time they’ll thin for Good

I know Whose plan for me is perfect

And I test the walls every day

While I’m here, I’ll learn and heal.

There is purpose to this pain

And He will use it well.

You don’t have to understand

Just don’t give up

On me

On us

On asking for His Healing

It’s coming

Maybe not today

But I know it is.

I’m getting stronger

They’ll get thinner

And before I know it

They’ll shatter

Just from a tap

Of my fingertips

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