Fitness Post: I knew this was coming.

Today I finished the Bangin Bikini Body program in the Jillian Michaels app-and I'm super proud of that! I'm also halfway through the Beautiful Arms and Back and Sexy Abs programs. I'm super proud of finishing this program, because it's proof of my commitment to self care and doing what I have to, even if [...]

Small Changes, Big Improvement

Just because the growth isn't in public places and visible to everyone doesn't mean it's not happening, that it's not good or significant. -EI feel like so much is changing in me for the better. I also feel ashamed (there it is again!) that from the outside, unless you're in the extreme inner circle, you [...]

Goal met!

These are the size 10 jeans that were my October 7 goal. They fit comfortably! Woot woooot! Tentative goal for another size lost is 12/2 the Monday I start round 2 of JMBR. It's also the Monday after thanksgiving, but I really don't see that making a difference.