Baby Duck is Turning Three!

My sweet, wonderful Angel boy. Your name means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness”, and I’m more sure by the day that we named you well. You are such a good boy. You always want to help, always want to comfort or cheer anyone who’s upset-even trying to comfort your sister when she’s sitting in time out.

You love to learn, and school time is one of the highlights of your day. If the morning is getting on and it hasn’t happened yet, you’ll come, take me by the hand, and lead me to the board. I love teaching you, and the way you teach me how you learn best. Where Lexi likes lots of performance, you prefer to listen, absorb, rinse, repeat, until you feel confident, and then suddenly show me all the things you’re learning.

You amaze me in the way that you teach me every day to slow down, enjoy, be calm, and patient. One of my favorite things about being your mama is that there are so many gifts received by just observing you. So many subtle sweetnesses, jokes, dances, and discoveries that it’d be easy to miss if I wasn’t watching. You don’t often demand attention, but paying attention to you pays off big time. Your Nana is the only other person I’ve seen enjoy you in this secret way, and I love the bond that you have with her because of it.

You love your Nana and Papa. Because of where we are with mama’s challenges right now, you don’t get to see them much, but we talk about them and look at pictures often. You also get to FaceTime with your Nana every Friday.

You love to play outside. We have to be careful even talking about it in front of you unless it’s time right now, because you get so excited and single minded. You’re really good on Sissy’s scooter, and love to slide and swing and dig in the mud. You and Sis have so many adventures in our backyard.

Your play is getting more and more…gymnastic. I’m gonna have to consider putting you in a tumbling class, because you are always doing somersaults, and joining me in yoga poses, as well as some ill advised dismounts from couches and beds. So many times a day we hear your head thump lightly and say “oh, Bub.” To which you always respond “I’m fine!”

You’re my little bookworm. If you’re quiet in your room, you are sure to be found with a stack of books. I hope to keep that love alive in you now and into your learning to read years.

I’m rocking you right now, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that God gave me you, Sweet Angel Boy. I love everything about you, from your gingery curls to your sweet grin, to the little booty shake dance you do when you’re excited. I love the way you hug tight, kiss hard, and just lavish love on me. I love the way you love your “Daddai” and look at him like he’s your hero. I understand, because he’s mine too. I love the way you feel the feelings of whoever is near and how when Sis is having a fit and you can’t help, you’re undone and I just have to hold you. I pray that empathy is a gift God uses mightily to love others through you.

Tomorrow I look forward to a day where you get to pick all the things. I imagine there will be Moana, Mario Kart, and ponies while we bake your cake, work out, and dance around. I’m looking forward to your birthday dinner of Chicken Tenders, Fries, and milkshakes, and of course, your birthday cake. Three layers of peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting.

Oh, Sweet Bub. You’ll always be the boy who changed my life.

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