7/23: setbacks, frustrations, and action steps

So, I weighed myself this morning, mostly to see if what I feel is reality, because, if I’m honest, sometimes it’s not. It was.

The scale says I have gained back everything I lost January-May. Nine lbs that I worked really, unbelievably hard for. I’ll be honest, I’ve been pretty spun up the past couple hours, asking a lot of questions and really giving myself no concrete answers. In a lot of ways, this is completely out of my control, and, as I’ve shared, I don’t want to live my life strict and regimented and in bondage, in ANY area. So, I have goals, and they are realistic and healthy, but I want to achieve them in a way that is not a diet, not a short term burst of effort, after which I’ll return to “normal”, but a sustainable lifestyle. How can I face this frustration with forward motion? For me, that starts with asking some questions.

Ok, so what are some possible reasons that I have gained weight? (Liklihood on a scale from 1-10)

  • My period is coming sooooon (8/9)
  • Sodium intake over past week or so (7)
  • Hormones still jacked from early May kerfuffle (7-9?)
  • Overtraining on bike this month (7-can’t help it, I’m having such fun!)
  • Turkey sandwich for lunch most days for last few weeks (6?)
  • What am I feeling most immediately concerned about?
    • What am I going to wear on vacation that I can feel comfortable and confident in?
      I really need some progress to encourage me to not give up and stay in bed and become depressed.
      If it is hormonal, how long, and what can I do to fix it?
      There is going to be Olive Garden and Birthday cake tomorrow! Waaaah!

    What can I do, starting right now, to hopefully get things back on track?

    • Lots of water and veggies
    • Be really mindful of not overtraining on bike-if a second ride, make sure to stay at a lower intensity, and recover intentionally.
    • Make yoga happen!
    • Take this week off from sandwiches for lunch? Maybe wait until this is sorted to reintroduce them and watch carefully if there is an effect. *
    • Be extra aware of sodium and sugar intake.
    • Make a plan for lunch rotation of tasty healthy foods!
    • SLEEP
  • What are some realistic expectations from doing this?
    • Sodium/muscle soreness related water weight should come off
      Sleep should allow better recovery
      I just feel better when I eat fewer starches, period.
      Exercise performance should improve faster if not overtraining

    What can I not control?

    • When my period comes
    • How fast my body responds
  • What can I do to make it ok if weight/fat/inches don’t fall off before vacation?
    • Get a few comfortable flattering knit dresses and skip shorts?
      Just rock your swimsuits and have FUN! Fun is beautiful!

    What am I going to do right now to continue forward momentum toward my goals and not let this funk last longer than the morning?

    • Core and arms workout before jumping on my bike.
    • Yoga after the bike while the kids eat lunch
    • A NAP after I eat (salad with chicken and watermelon gazpacho)
    • Serve fruit and veggies with our Breakfast for Dinner tonight!
  • *I’m not abandoning Intuitive eating at all-but I am going to pay much closer attention going forward to the messages my body is sending me about what I’m eating. I don’t know for sure if sandwiches aren’t great for me or if this is totally unrelated. I’ll figure that out, eventually. I know I haven’t been over-eating by a long shot, but maybe my body really does respond better to occasional bread than daily bread.
  • Okay, y’all. I’ve spent the entirety of the last 2.5 hours marinating and fuming and questioning-time for some action!
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