Ladybug Girl turns Six

Oh, My Lexi. My brilliant, beautiful, loving, fiery, imaginative, friendly (and so many other things) little Bug. I am so very glad that God gave me you. I tell you that multiple times a day, but it never becomes less true. You are, as you’ve been since the day I found out you were coming, a constant reminder of God’s love for and faithfulness to me.

So who are you, as you turn six?

You’re passionate-you have such big, powerful feelings, and even when it’s overwhelming for us both, I am in awe of your courage and strength in feeling and expressing them, because it’s something that many adults aren’t able or brave enough to do.

You’re creative! You love to make art in any form, to build with LEGO, set up “plays” with dolls, and so much more. Right now, your favorite way to create is in Minecraft, building, farming, collecting resources, and more.

You’re becoming a great reader! You like to say that you don’t like to read, but more everyday I see you picking up books and devouring them. I hope that grows and grows!

You’re a fantastic sister. Almost all of the time you are kind to and patient with your brother, and always looking to help him learn. Lately you’ve also taken to defending him-even when he’s in trouble. I hope you’re always a defender of others.

You have a heart that seeks God and His love. I love when you ask me to pray with you or for you, and to read the Bible. I’ll never say no to either!

You’re very funny and silly. You keep our whole family laughing and fill us with joy.

Your tender heart amazes me and makes me proud. I pray that you will always have such beautiful empathy and sensitivity and not let the world steal it.

Lexi, My wonderful Alexandra Isabella, I love you more, I love you more, I only wish you knew.

Happy Birthday, my love!

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