Quick take: Aggressive Happiness.

Last Saturday I happened to see a bird land on my bluebird house, and commented to Scott “That bird better not get attached, bc that house is for-HOLY CRAP A BLUEBIRD!” A male bluebird had just dive bombed the bird sitting on the birdhouse, and was perched on top, and his mate was perched a few feet away on the swing set. They hung out a few minutes and took off.

This could have happened at any point that day, but I fully believe God let it happen right then so I could see it. I think, just like every other bluebird sighting, this aggressive invasion of happiness was symbolic for me.

Had to share that, because it just really made me smile. And, because Lexi and I just saw a bluebird in that same spot again, just now. I’m so excited to see more and more.

This is not my bluebird, but he was just as beautiful!

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