November 6: Give your body fuel

Ok this topic is perfect for today, the first day of my new morning routine! This morning when I had breakfast at 6:10 AM (what?) I wasn’t sure if my vanilla matcha shake was gonna fuel me well enough to keep my energy up and vitamins down while I walked, but it did! Tomorrow, since I will be cycling, I’ll add a banana to the mix, for a few extra carbs. After my walk I had a string cheese and a cup of blueberries, and that fueled me through my Yoga Shred and short HIIT, and after we finished school I had a protein/superfood smoothie.

I’m rocking Declan to help him wind down for his nap right now, and when I go downstairs I’ll have my lunch, a Tuscan Chicken spaghetti squash bake with a side of Turmeric Golden Milk. I can’t wait!

If I need to, I’ll have a snack of veggies and maybe some sweet potato crackers in the early evening, and after my session with E I’ll have a dinner salsa verde chicken over a romaine salad with a little cheese.

Some days, when I’m being intentional and making my food count, it feels like I’m eating all day. That works great when it’s good stuff, but it’s all carefully planned, because it’s not a good plan to mindlessly snack all day.

I should probably share more about my meal planning and prep process, to show how I get to eat all that and still stay in a totally reasonable calorie range! For now, though, I encourage you to enjoy your food and eat 80-85% food that makes your body stronger, but leave yourself room to splurge, because deprivation is no way to live.

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