November challenge weekend edition, Vol 1

November 4:Thankful for Thighs

I am thankful for my thighs. They may not be as lean as I would like, they will never have a gap, but they are strong! They have done thousands of squats and lunges in the past five years, they have biked easily two thousand miles or more in the past six. I feel them burn when I practice my chair or warrior poses, I feel them stretch as I ease into dancer. They have been a foundation for my children to learn to stand, and a place for them to rest and cuddle. My right thigh is mostly covered by a beautiful tattoo in tribute to many people who helped build me up in my first three decades. My thighs are definitely something to be thankful for.

November 5: give motivation

If you’re struggling on this journey toward your best self, keep fighting. There is no progress without the struggle, and no growth without being stretched. Believe me, I know it’s hard to see the reward sometimes, and it can feel like it’s never coming, but each step, each workout, each meal, each meditation session takes you closer to where and who you want to be. I’m right here with you, and you’re not alone.

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