Fall Health Goals Week Five

This week was crazy and wonderful and different, because Scott took the week off! It was wonderful beyond words, and though I’m a bit worn out in some ways, I’m renewed in others.

Food: even with Scott home this week I are really well, and I’m proud of that! Only thing really of note is that I had a dessert with him on Saturday that had gluten (as well as a lot more sugar), and while I don’t feel awful, I’m still going to keep this a rare occurrence because I have definitely felt better the past five weeks!

Sleep: with Scott being home this week, we’ve done a lot of sleeping in and that has been really great both physically and emotionally.

Yoga: I did an “at home Yoga retreat” the first half of this week, and that was very good for my mind, as well as allowing me to combine yoga and meditation during a week when things were a bit different. I also started a Yoga Shred Challenge on Thursday that will carry through next week, and finish things out strong.

Strength: early this week I discovered that i am able to get through th whole 30 minute workout without hitting pause (though still skipping most of the cardio intervals), which is new and HUGE! While I do the yoga shred I’m going to be keeping my strength training limited to a short 5-7 minute circuit to make sure I keep building without overtraining.

Friday I called all the heavy lifting I did disassembling the crib, cleaning, and assembling Lexi’s new bed my strength work!!

Cardio: my walking pace is picking back up, and feels so GOOD! It was a really active week overall as I did workouts each day and walked, but also hiked while apple picking, and walked all over a farm including a corn maze!

Meditation: I made time for mindfulness fairly consistently this week, but not on the level I usually do. Another way Scott being home changed things a bit. Looking to get this back on track this coming week

Supplements: flawless here, except I forgot my fish oil a few times.

Morning and Evening Self Care: This was a little shaky with the schedule being off, but I did most of what I usually do.

This week, the last week of this period of creating new habits and patterns, is going to be big for me. I’m going to start getting up at seven again and shift my morning routine to make things a bit more open and less a race against time. Here’s how I hope to see our mornings go:

7-8 AM: Mom breakfast, meditation, devotions.

Kids will probably wake up sometime between 7:30 and 8:30

8-ish(depending when they wake, but not before I finish my devotions): Kids breakfast/Mom workout. Then everyone upstairs to get freshened up and dressed before

9:30: Mom Shake/School, hopefully done by

10:30: walk/play outside, eat lunch, fun till naptime.

This is the next step before I start getting up at six so I can take walks and/or cycle before they are up, thus freeing us all from Lexi being miserable on long walks. Hahahaha! My goal is to get all my fitness in before school so the rest of the day is free for fun and creativity.

I’m also going to really prioritize the hygiene/pampering self care that is so easy to let go, because I find it really makes a difference in the way I view and carry myself throughout the day.

Declan is in a toddler bed, so he’s able to get up whenever he wants now, and Lexi has rediscovered the magic of playing in her room, so that may have an effect on all this new sleep schedule stuff, but all I can do is what I can do! I’m super excited to keep moving forward and keep becoming a better me.

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