So what comes after the “goal date”?

A week from yesterday this six week period I set up to really focus on pursuing whole self health and healing will have come to a close. What comes next? Are the habits part of me? What major changes do I see? Where do I feel like I still need improvement? Where am I going with fitness? What are my new goals and focuses as I move forward? Most of all-Am I finally ready to move on from the “weight loss” (in quotes because I don’t use the scale often) part of my health journey? What does that look like? For a lot of this, I will share in a week when I wrap it all up, some of it may take another month to sort out and transition into, but a few things I’m pretty sure of right now.

This experience in healing my whole self, in caring for my whole self, is changing me. It’s helping me come back to myself and I am so thankful. It’s not overnight change, just like I’ve been learning the past few months, but that’s okay. Where I am is where I am meant to be right now.

I definitely have lots of room for improvement in my consistency in a few areas of self care, areas that just came naturally a few years ago and now have to be super intentional or they don’t happen. I’m talking about taking a shower, brushing my teeth, washing my face. I need to do better about journaling and really giving myself to meditation too, but the hygiene stuff? Come on. That stuff should be automatic. Room to grow is always good though, and I’m leaning into these opportunities.

I do have a plan for my fitness, and I essentially have the next six or more months mapped out loosely. I won’t overwhelm you with details, but:

  • November will be a yoga shred focus, as well as easing back into a routine with cycling.
  • December and January are going to be a time of immersion in yoga with a couple Jillian workouts a week as well as a few spin classes.
  • After that I’m going to keep exploring yoga from different angles while continuing with a couple strength workouts and a couple cycle classes. I’ll be walking as much as weather allows also.

I’m beyond excited to wrap this up next week and share my results and my next steps!

I may have used this image before, but it’s exactly what I’m doing right now:

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