Fall Health Goals Week Four

Here I am, halfway through the week again, and just now recapping things.  MomLife- Whaddya gonna do? I don’t think I even promoted my last post on my SM accounts. It was a good week, though, and I’m super excited about where I am finding myself and where I see myself going in the near future.

As I mentioned, my cycle started over last Wednesday, and it’s worth noting that I really only had two low energy days as a result of it, which is a huge improvement. I only missed one workout, and it was more to do with some sinus stuff I’ve been dealing with due to the weather changing.

So,  let’s get into it!

Food: This is still going really well and that’s due to meal planning and prep, and making sure I’m eating foods i really enjoy, as well as changing things up often. I tried Papa John’s Gluten Free pizza on Friday and that was a huge win. It was expensive, so it won’t be something I do super often, but it’s nice to know i can get my fix. I’m also investigating some mixes I can make at home.

Sleep: I’m still not getting up at seven, but i feel like that will be happening soon. Overall I feel like my sleep is really improving, and i am definitely feeling more rested, even during my period.

Yoga: the “challenge” I chose for this week is a bit advanced, but i did enjoy discovering things i didn’t realize i was capable of. I’m extremely excited to move toward more and more development of this practice.

Strength: this is going better and better. I really feel like the decision not to do the cardio intervals is the right one, ans i am able to focus on developing strength and coordination.

Cardio: walking is becoming more enjoyable with cooler weather, but a little tougher with the kids getting heavier, and Lexi having less interest in spending an hour being pushed around. Stay tuned for more developments in this area.

Meditation: I am really enjoying this practice more and more, and i definitely continue to see benefits growing throughout my day, especially being able to let go of and replace anxious and intrusive thoughts.

Supplements: I am super happy with this area. I feel strongly that I’ve found the right balance of supplements to, well, supplement my diet, and also that I’m getting into a rhythm and habit with taking them.

Morning and Evening Self care: This is happening, but a bit more disjointedly and distractedly lately, and I am going to be intentional about getting it back on track.

I’m really happy with where my health journey is, and where it’s headed. As I begin to close out this period of developing new habits, I feel so encouraged about what comes next!

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