My Other Workout

So, I’ve hesitated posting about this, because it seemed like it might be a little gimmicky, but after a solid week of experience, I’m ready to share my thoughts. 

I’ve bought a Simply Fit Board. ( It looked like something that would let me get some light cardio in without messing with my foot while it’s healing, and also a decent option for when weather prevents us from going for walks. Right now, I am not walking because my foot is bad, and Monday of this week proved to me I do need to take a break from that. So. 
Here’s how I’m using it: I found some targeted challenges/workouts designed by the inventors of the product, and I’m adding them to my routine. Abs on my push days (Monday and Thursday) and boots on pull days (Tuesday and Friday). I’m also trying to fit in 2-3 more 10-15 minute sessions just twisting on the board 4-6x a week. I call these dance parties, and the kids love dancing while I twist to music. 
Do I think this is going to magically transform my body overnight? Would I let this be my only workout? No. But it is a fun accessible way to get my heart rate up and challenge my core, and that’s what I want from it. 

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