Seventeen years

Today is the most special day on my calendar that’s not one of my kids’ birthdays. Seventeen years ago today, a sixteen year old boy told a sixteen year old girl who believed herself unlovable and never good enough that she was, in fact, lovable, and that he loved her, just as she was, and he would continue loving her even as he sought to encourage her to become the woman God made her to be. 
Fifteen years ago he asked her to be his wife, so he could be beside her forever. 
Through others’ rejections of her and their relationship, through dismissal of their commitment because they were young, through starting marriage as teenagers, through loss of their first child and the ways it affected them, through rebuilding a stronger marriage, through finding their church family, closing the door on secret struggles by bringing them into the light,  through meeting their beautiful daughter, secondary infertility, another loss, another beautiful baby, paralyzingly postpartum depression that won’t end, and finally saying goodbye to apartment life and hello to so many beautiful things, he’s always been beside her, and she by him. 
I love this boy become man, and I always will. 
You and me forever, Scott. 

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