Wrapping up workout 1(&2)

Today was my last time through workout 1 for this round, and I’m definitely stronger. The only thing I struggle with at this point is the push-ups and doing a plank immediately after them. That has not gotten much easier. Might be in part due to the fact that my push ups are on my toes instead of knees, but I dunno. 

Push ups are definitely something I’m working on outside my workouts too. I’m working, starting with sets of ten, to crank out three sets of 25 in addition to whatever nonsense Jillian has on tap on Mondays and Thursdays. 
Workout 2 is much more managable for me, so there I’m basically just using as heavy weights as I can, and keeping intensity up. 
All that said, I’m both looking forward to and dreading the level up on Monday. I have done this program enough times to know the real challenge starts at week 5, but I also remember my first time through week 3 when I quit in the middle of circuit 2 in tears. I hate feeling weak. Probably why those push ups are bothering me so much! 
My foot is acting up too. I’m really trying to baby it, wearing my compression sock at night, eating anti inflammatory foods, taking all my vitamins, using ice, and not going for any walks for the rest of this week at least, but man that’s discouraging! And I love our walks, so I really want to get back to them ASAP. 
Also, I’m really ready to know if this is paying off, but I’ve got another 2.5 weeks! 

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