workout notes:

7AM: Pilates: Got through it but it was really hard. i have also lost a lot of flexibility.
Kettlebells: maybe it’s cuz it’s early, but this is BANANAS (i’ve just started circuit 2 and have hit stop. struggling with whether to push play again-mostly cuz my knee really hurts and i’m all spinny. :-/) – yeah i tried again. i jsut can’t handle it this morning. will try again monday.

 12PM: So, ummmmmmmmmmmm, yeah. just finished working out at the gym (got there at 8 AM). here’s what i did and how it went:
Strength training: i won’t bore you with the whole 2h+ that i did-, but here are a few highlights:

  • Tried to to do one legged pelvic thrusts, and i mean, i did some, probably 10 each side or more ,but i was so distracted, i just dunno if they did much good. i didn’t even really feel them. i dunno. i’ll keep doing them, in case they are stealthily effective. 😉
  • did both chest press and fly machines. fly is jsut as hard on machine for me as free standing. i struggle so much with moving both arms at the same rate. i think it’ll get better, and maybe soon i’ll even feel it in my chest! 😛
  • awesome shoulder press setup-still my weakest exercise. i’ll build up slowly. keeping with my low weight hi reps plan. 
  • actually had to make myself stop lifting and move on to cardio when i realized i’d been lifting close to 2.5 hours. wasnt feeling fatigued. weird, since i’ve been up since 4.

Before i got on the elliptical, i tried something totally new- Stationary rowing. i lasted about 10 min before moving on, but i liked it. i probably won’t ever do it for a super long time, but i’m thinking of using it as a warmup before i lift.

Today’s run on the elliptical was my best ever- 33min (with cooldown) and 5.01 miles.- and it was an interval workout! i loved every moment and felt so amazing! i really am getting healthier and stronger, even if it’s takin awhile to see the fat melt off.

so, to sum up: the morning started off rough, but i managed to work out a total of over 3 hours, and i felt like i could do more! it’s quarter to 5 PM and i still feel amazing. WOOOOOOT

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