Worth the Fight

It better be. it *will* be. And ohhhh what a fight it’s been. I’m not even talking about the (conservatively) 10 years i’ve been fighting this disease and what it’s not so slowly done to my body- that is an epic battle that will, i’ve come to accept, never be over till i’m gone from this world. No, i’m just referring to the past week and a half. As you can probably tell from reading my posts from last week, i’ve been trying to sort out exactly what and how much exercise i need to be doing to reach my goal of 170 lbs, 30 inch waist and 40 inch hips by 8/26 (when i have my doctor’s appt). the weight goal is kinda unlikely, because while i seem to be losing inches at a fairly satisfying rate, the scale is sorta creepin. And that’s fine. as long as i look like i weigh what i want to, and my size 8-10’s fit when all is said and done, i’m good. i’ve got a solid 2 more sized to lose before i’m there, but i am determined to. i digress. The Fight. So, when i joined the Jillian Michaels program, i definitely gained a whole new level of motivation and drive- and a whole new level of frustration with myself for not meeting my own expectations. it’s been said “what the mind can believe, the body can achieve” or somethin like that, and it sounds great, but my desire for fitness greatness is like when you first walk into a buffet and you are like EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!!! but really, you can’t possibly consume as much as you think you want to- your body won’t let you- there is not room. So maybe that inspirational quote is more of a long term thing, i dunno. all i know is i have bad knees, and that means all the plyometrics in Jillian’s circuits are not a good idea for me- i learned this from 2 days of attempting said circuits. PAIN! i also learned, from having modified said circuits to make them Mae -Friendly, that i also hate self-paced circuit training. Give me a DVD to follow, and i’m golden- set up a series of weight lifting machines and i’m in heaven. So, (i’m literally praying i’m right about this) i’ve finally found a solution. this is how my mornings will look on weekdays:

6: up/eat
6:30: Pilates DVD (varies, depending on which day of the week)
7: Kettlebells DVD
around 8- leave for gym
at gym: various strength training exercises (some Jillian suggested) followed by an hour of cardio. hoping to work swimming back in soon.

this is something i can stick with fairly simply, since i love my gym, and Scott will help get me out the door. when i get pregnant, i’ll drop the kettlebells (because i am clumsy enough as it is) and get to sleep in till 6:30- YAY- and then after the first Trimester i’ll switch to a pregnancy pilates DVD. yeah, i’ve got that all planned. 🙂
so, that’s the plan. i only wish i hadn’t woken up 2 hours before my alarm today. graugh. i’ll let you folks know how it goes. 

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