Saturday cardio

Just a quick post about my run today. i intended to run for an hour total, but it didn’t quite work out that way because of some carelessness on my part-i accidentally chose the “cardio” program on the elliptical instead of the manual, which should have been my choice, as the plan for today was cardio with zero resistance to move the muscles without challenging them. i fought HARD through the first 26 min of the 30 min run because whenever my heart rate dipped below 162 (my 85%) the machine provided enough resistance to get me back there. and since i didn’t realize this, i thought i was jsut too darn sore to run today. oof. lesson learned though, and i’m fairly certain i burned a solid 400+ calories, so that’s good. lotsa stretching between now and tomorrow night, and i should be all set to get up early monday and get going again.

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