Fall 2019: A New Season

Hey. Y’all! So much has changed in the past few months, and, hopefully I’ll get to share a lot of it with you as we enter this new season together. It’s necessitated me kinda laying low for a bit, figuring out how to replenish, recover, feed my body and soul better, and move forward in faith in a new way. It’s been great, and…exhausting. Maybe it seems I’ve been singing the same song for years now on a lot of topics, and spinning my wheels in a lot of ways, and, well, I have. Things are really changing on a few fronts, though, with lots to come!

I am *SO* excited about all that is coming with this new season, and all the hope and freedom God is pouring into my life, and I’m very hopeful that as I share my journey, it will encourage and uplift you on yours.

Here are the main things I hope to focus on for Fall, in order to live more intentionally, freely, and joyfully:

  • Physical wellness, including nutrition, fitness, and REST. Expect to hear LOTS about this, hopefully in at least weekly updates. I’ve gained such a different perspective in this area over the past year especially, and I’m excited to see how living into what I’ve learned will change my outcomes.
  • Spiritual/Mental/Emotional health. This is really all one and the same area for me, and the area in which I’ve been seeing the most fruit, especially this summer. Really excited to share and see what God is and will do next.
  • Intentional use of my time! Oh man this has been an ongoing challenge for a long time, but I am, day by day, learning so much about how to do it in a way that brings freedom and joy instead of bondage and shame at my failure.
  • READING- Every time we go away to the beach, I get to read a ton and I want to bring it home with me. I am still shooting for my goal of 100 books in 2019. I’m at 55 right now, but I have no less than a dozen in progress, so I feel like I can still do it. I read four last week at the beach, totaling about 1500 pages. Hoping to be at 75 by the end of September.
  • Writing. This is something I am doing for *me*, something that brings me joy, fulfillment, accomplishment, and something I am learning to give the outcome of to my Father. I would *love* for this to be a it of a career, for my words to reach as many people as they can, but I am, with each word I type, learning to look to God for that. I want to write and let Him lead me to where I should take this. If it’s just a few people reading here on my blog forever, but those people are encouraged and touched, okay. If I self publish some things, and a few more are reached, awesome. If it goes further, that’s incredible, but I am learning to trust that these outcomes are not a measure of my worth or the worth of the words I write. I’m really hoping to get to, along with blogging, make some progress on my books on my meant alone health journey, and wellness/fitness, this fall.
  • Relationships. SO much amazing stuff has exploded for me in these areas the past handful of months, and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in and through the relationships I have and am building.
  • My garden. Spring/Summer 2019 was a season of learning lots of gardening lessons, and I’m okay with that. I cant wait to take what I’ve learned into this new season and see what God helps me do next. Hopefully I’ll be able to, as I’ve always intended, share the spiritual parallels I see daily as I learn to grow things in the ground.
  • Finally, Homeschooling. This is a constant area of opportunity to grow, and am so excited to see and share what comes next!

Thanks. Y’all, for joining me on this journey, and for reading my words! I love you all!

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