November Challenge (Days 1 & 2)

So, one of the fitness accounts i follow on Insta is doing a November Challenge, and I decided to use it as writing prompts for this site. (Hopefully in addition to all the other wonderful things I’ll be sharing this month. )

November 1

Goals and Gratitude- Awesome place to start. Okay, what are my goals?

  1. get the most out of my fitness practices this month. this means not only pushing myself in workouts, but knowing when to rest and doing it well. recovery is just as important as the work!
  2. really improve my self care, and get back on track with the aspects that have been a struggle lately. (see my wrap-up post!)
  3. Create a really special Thanksgiving season for my family. This will be my first year having a nice quiet thanksgiving here in our home with my own little family, and while i don’t like the circumstances that have precipitated it, I’m looking at it as a gift and an opportunity to make memories.
  4. Optimize sleep so I can get up early and make even more of  the time i’m given each day.

I think that’s probably enough! Gratitude. Oh i am so thankful for soooo much! My wonderful husband, my amazing babies, my therapist E, friends and family who love me and pray for me, our beautiful home where we are safe and warm, most of all, for God, who is a loving and gentle Father and gives me hope.

November 2

Give thanks to your supporters- Well, to each of you who is reading this, i am SO thankful! Thank you for spending your time and energy to share my journey.

To my wonderful amazing selfless husband, I love you more every day. You and the babies are my why.

To my babies, thank you for the days you let me do the things I need to without getting upset. And for rolling with it on the days it does upset you. I’m fighting to be the mama you deserve.

To E: I am so thankful God put you in my life and for your encouragement and understanding and the tools you are giving me. Thanks for walking through this with me and reminding me Who is guiding us.

To my Mama: thanks for loving me where I am and being patient. I’m fighting to get to a place where you don’t have to miss us so much.

To everyone else who supports me in large and small ways, thank you. I promise not one “like” or comment is unappreciated.

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