Fall Health Overhaul Wrap Up

Well, I finished my six week refresh on whole self health and self care, and I feel really good about it, and where I am going next.


  • created lots of healthy habits
  • did really well dialing in nutrition and supplements
  • was very consistent with exercise
  • became much more consistent with meditation and general self care practices

Need to continue to work on:

  • consistency with meditation and mindfulness
  • less social media, just in general
  • more reading and creating
  • hygiene related self care (showers, baths, teeth brushing, face washing, makeup)
  • optimizing  my morning routine

Less improvement than hoped:

  • I’m not comfortable in my size four jeans, and my belly is still in the way. I am a bit frustrated, but less than I would have predicted. I’m just going to have to keep on keepin on and focus on whole self care, and let the change come.

I started the next phase of my journey this week, and due to some mental health hurdles, i’m going to take the rest of this week to recover and immerse myself in kindness and gentleness with myself, and pick it up again on Monday. It is SO hard to make myself rest, but I know I will be better for it.

I am so excited to start a November mini-blogging challenge and share more with you about what I’m passionate about. Look for that soon!




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