Update 6/21

So I meant to do this more often, but it’s a roller coaster in my head, so here we are. 
I’ve got two therapy sessions under my belt, and I’m really feeling good about this in a long term view, though it’s really scary and overwhelming to think about the work. I love my therapist already and I am relieved to be heard and excited to work with her. 
I’m able to do three sets of twenty push ups! That came pretty quickly, but I haven’t pushed for 25 because, for now, I’m kinda content with 20. Maybe in a couple weeks. 
I’m probably not gonna be comfortable in those shorts/capris by my birthday, and that’s ok. I’ve been through a lot mentally the past few weeks, and I have to be fair to myself. 
The plan between now and my birthday is this:
Th: strength workout, cardio workout/3 sets push ups 
F: strength/cardio 
Sa: strength/cardio/walk
M: strength/cardio
Tu: strength/cardio (+cycle?)
Wed: walk/yoga
Th: walk/yoga
F: yoga/travel
Sa: wedding 
Su: Dad’s bday/travel 
M: birthday! (Yoga/walk I hope) 
Tuesday: start new plan

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