6/5 Check in- good, bad, ugly

Ok, so the past week was one of both progress and frustration. I’m gonna break down what was good, what was bad, and what was downright ugly. 

Good: I’m definitely getting stronger and fitter-for the most part I’m able to get through each circuit without pausing for a break, which used to be “normal” but 2 weeks ago was impossible. I’m also making progress toward my goal of doing sets of twenty push ups again. Food went pretty well too overall. 
Bad: the UTI symptoms I’ve been dealing with off and on since late April came back, and that triggered my anxiety in all kinds of ways. I’m almost through my antibiotics so let’s hope this kicks it for good. Also, I’m not seeing giant impressive shrinking progress and that’s really discouraging me. I made the  mistake of getting on the scale, and that wasn’t great either-and I should’ve known better. I stayed up too late pretty much every night last week so I’m nowhere near where I need to be normalizing my sleep. 
The UGLY: my anxiety is just terrible. It was getting better day to day, but, maybe from pushing myself to do all the things last weekend and then staying up too late and all the workouts…it was all too much. It wouldn’t surprise me if the UTI symptoms aren’t from a UTI but from my anxiety. Even now I’m terrified about everything and nothing. 
So, clearly I need to find a way to refocus and charge ahead to achieve my goals and improve quality of life for my whole family, despite not feeling great about how things are going right now. 
Today the plan is: 
1 -2 set push-ups 
Feed kids
Feed self/devotions
Third set push ups
Workout-focus on strength training moves but do cardio intervals as able 
Protein shake
Lunch for kids
Workout 2- same focus 
Lunch for me
Do something creative with Lexi
Make dinner 
Family time 
That’s all I can really worry about-what I can actually do-I can’t control the results I get from the workouts, but I can give them my best and know I will get stronger, especially if I prioritize rest as well. 
Bonus good: I have started contact with a therapist who I feel is a great fit for me and though it will be a bit of a wait, I’m hopeful of what we can accomplish! 
***update I just did 20 push-ups in my first set!

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