Small Victories

Tomorrow I’ll be a quarter of the way through this round of BodyShred! That’s both encouraging to realize and a little…meh. I’ve really struggled through every workout, not kicking butt like I thought or hoped I’d be the second time around. I lost most of the last 6 weeks of 2016 to mental and physical blahs, and obviously that time consistently training would have had me starting in a different place this new year, so it makes sense. It’s just not what I wanted or planned. 

But, so much of what I’m realizing I need to create for myself in this season applies in many areas. I need to allow myself to be where I am and grow from where I am right now, not where I think I should be right now. 
So, every day, in as many areas as occur to me, I’m going to celebrate small victories.  So here are some for today: 
-school went awesome! 
-I got everything I wanted to done this morning! 
-I did my workout even though I got up late 
-my anxiety waited till late afternoon to start to really cause a problem 
– we played outside today! 
-I will have finished 1/4 of BodyShred without skipping a workout (pending tomorrow)! 
-I’m getting so much better perspective and it’s really empowering! 

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