Finding my footing for 2017

I’ve got so much to process and write about and share as we begin this new year. Some of it is a bit too raw to dig into quite yet, so I’m gonna back burner it for now.

 I’m beginning to get my feet under me, though, and see how the themes in my outlook for this year are shaping up. I started the year with drive and motivation but also very depleted emotionally and physically. That helped me realize I needed to (I know I’ve been saying this for ages, but it’s still an issue…) make self care a true priority. I cannot pour from an empty cup, and if I keep letting myself get just a little refilled and then  pour out every time, I’m never gonna make progress, I’m just gonna stay empty and brittle and broken. 
We are getting back into schedule and routine, which, in itself feeds my soul, and as we do, I’m also being kind to myself. This means that (right now, in the short term) if I need to sleep in, I am- BUT- this does not mean no workout. I still have to make that happen. And obviously sleeping in makes that harder.  Another aspect of my new outlook on self care is a color coded to-do list for the day. This will probably be its own blog post in the near future, but the gist is, that what *has* to be done each day Is written in a color to match who it’s for, and something I’d *like* to get done is in black, and I know it’s just a bonus. So far that is working well, and I look forward to honing and sharing my system as it grows and changes. 
I’m also going to do a couple things in the next couple days to fine tune and optimize my routine: 
-revisit the early chapters of LMAL to refresh the behaviors that were helpful 
-really look at my day and find space for self care and soul feeding each day.
-fine tune my morning and evening routines 
I’ll share what I come up with! 

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