Manic Monday

Is it possible to feel discouraged and defeated but also more driven than ever to overcome? I’m discovering that it is. That’s where I’m at today. 

I kinda knew my results from level 1 would be abysmal because of my swelling and where I am in my cycle. But I’m still bummed. 

I struggled soooo hard through my whole workout today, and there was an exercise I just flat out couldn’t get and that really frustrates me, because this is only level two, it should not be too hard, when I have finished this program before. Now, to be fair, I couldn’t do it last time though either. Also to be fair, my period is supposed to come any second now, and I’m tired and anxious and it’s cloudy out, she today wasn’t gonna be my day anyway. 

I’m not sure how, but I want to create drastic gains in strength so that I can conquer both tricep push ups and be able to do at least the modified version of these crossovers ASAP. I know the final level of this program is freaking bananas and I want to start it (four weeks from today) with confidence and expectation of success. 
I also want to really Improve my cardio conditioning. I’m at the point where I can keep moving throughout the whole 2min cardio interval, which is an improvement, but when the exercise is in plank, I cannot continue that exercise the whole time because my arms and shoulders cannot take it.
So, how am I gonna do this? I’m already working in more regular and triceps push ups on push days (Mon/Thurs), and I’m about to add Saturday to that.  This is worth some strategy, because overcoming an obstacle is a great confidence and morale boost.

Ok here it is: my bonus workouts outlined for this phase (2 weeks), to be performed twice a day, either in a row or split. Just gotta get the reps in. I’ve got strength moves and cardio intervals in plank in there, so I’m challenging myself where I want to improve. 

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