New Year, starting Bodyshred round two!

Happy New Year! I’ve got lots to process as we start 2017, but this post is just a check in as I start round two of Bodyshred and reset my food for the year. 
For food, I’m going to be tracking calories and macros, and being as grain and bean free as is practical. I’m starting with a calorie net goal of 1500, which I’ll probably drop in two weeks or so, and a macro ratio of 40% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbs. 
I’m using a preworkout, bcaa, and protein supplements as well as probiotics and a CLA supplement to boost results in the short term. 
I lost much of November and December to anxiety and health stuff, so I’m not starting as lean and conditioned as I hoped, but I’m determined and excited to get stronger and healthier. I’m really going to push on the cardio intervals and focus on form in the strength ones this time through. I’m really hoping that in the next 8-12 weeks, the “weight loss” portion of my journey will be finished and I can focus on building and leaning even more, and then shift my focus to yoga and develop that practice. 
Time to get started! 

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