Why I share, and some updates

Maybe you’re a new friend of mine, or maybe an old friend who’s just never clicked over here. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes at my constant status updates about my fitness journey on FB. Regardless how you got here, welcome, and thank you!  
I share a lot about my fitness journey and my mental health challenges, and there are a few reasons why. Spoiler alert-none of them is because I’m bragging about how awesome I am! Hahahaha. Also not because I want anyone to feel sorry for me. Now we’ve covered the non-reasons, here are the actual reasons I share: 
-it’s cathartic. I process things by talking about them. It helps me clarify my thoughts, and make sense of thing. It strengthens my resolve and solidifies my plans. 
-I want to have a reference point in the future. I blog so I can remember the journey, what worked, what didn’t, and the timeline, in case I face the same challenges again. 
The biggest reason I share though, is because I want to encourage. I felt so alone for so long, like this (fitness, health, mental health) came easily to everyone else and I must be a failure and a loser. I’ve realized that’s far from true, and so I’m on a mission to share-because maybe my journey, and my resolve to keep fighting for my goals will encourage someone else to also. We are in this together. 
So, all that said, here are some updates:
I had tried taking evening primrose oil after reading a lot about it helping with pms, anxiety, depression, and other PCOS symptoms. After about two weeks I stopped-three days ago- because though my period came only ten days late instead of 3-4 weeks, my anxiety and depression during those ten days and the following five days of my period were flat out unbearable. There’s no way of knowing if the timing of my period or the mental health challenge spike was related to the EPO, it wasn’t worth the risk that if I continued I’d get even worse off or even stay the same to see if maybe it regulated my period-something that should happen on its own as Declan weans. It was so miserable, y’all. 
***Side note, on 10/2 he will have nursed longer than Lexi did. I see little sign of him slowing down, though he doesn’t need his before nap nurse, and maybe even the one after. We still do them, most days,because he doesn’t turn me down, and the snuggles are so sweet. He  loves his morning milk though. Like with Lexi, I think that’ll be the last to go, even after bedtime, because Scott puts him to bed anyway. ***
Due to the mental health challenges the past few weeks, I’m not where I want to be with my daily routine, particularly my level of exercise, so I’m revising my goals, without giving myself room to slack off.
I’m probably not going to be wearing my size 4’s in another 6 weeks-considering somehow my 6’s, that did fit before vacation, are muffin toppy again. That may be due to the hormonal cycle combined with the swelling from working out again after a couple weeks off, (which is why I really shouldn’t take more than one week off, my body freaks out…), but regardless, I’m not 3/4 of a size away from those pants fitting. Revising this goal is hard, partly because I’ve had the date of 10/31 set in my head for so long, and partly because I don’t really know what to expect from myself, what’s reasonable. The last time I went from an 8 to a 4, it took me somewhere around 4-5 months, and I had a pregnancy and stopped nursing during that time. I had also started from a heavier place and maybe there was momentum? I don’t really know. All I can really do is put my head down and grind hard, eat clean, and recover well. My meal planning is on track, sleep is getting better, and my workout intensity is good. I’m excited to start cycling 3x a week again, and even more excited to continue making my yoga practice a priority. Ultimately I’d like to be doing HIIT and cycle twice a week and yoga six times a week as my fitness routine, but for now, and until I reach some big goals, it’s gotta be HIIT 4x, cycle 3x, yoga 6x. 
All that to say, I’m making a soft goal of thanksgiving for those jeans, and hopefully I’m just gonna enjoy the ride there. I’m just so ready to be done with the “weight loss” part of this journey and be able to focus more on performance and developing my yoga practice. Both those elements are definitely there now, but feeling good in clothes is a priority and a distraction. Having babies has changed my body, and I’m good with that-and let’s be real, my pre-baby body was never as fit, healthy, and strong as this body I have now. However, I don’t feel like it’s wrong to want to drop some extra fluff-as long as I acknowledge and love the beauty that exists along the way. 
I have a tendency to be hyper aware of my belly and label myself “disgusting” because the flesh there is so…fleshy. I’m mostly ok with the rest of my body, though obviously I’m loving every muscle that pops more and every place that gets less smooshy. But my belly. Ugh. I’m working hard at patience and loving myself along the journey there. It’s also the only place that extra bulk limits me during workouts-I can’t bring knee to nose because my belly is in the way, range of motion is limited on other ab moves, how much further could I fold in standing forward fold? 
I am committed to positive self talk, not just for me, but for Lexi. Lately she’s around when I’m working out (getting myself going in the morning is a challenge!) and I make sure to tell her that we work out because it makes us strong and mighty! I never mention wanting to be smaller or skinnier, only stronger. I want her to always love herself for exactly who she is and only strive to *be* better and healthier and stronger- I think my fitness journey stalled out for so long because I didn’t get that. I was so focused on being “skinny” that I missed the beauty of strength and the things my body could do! I only really fell in love with my body and really embraced what it can do in September of 2011 when I started practicing yoga. Almost ten years of trying so hard to be thin came before that. It was great timing though, because 6 weeks later I got pregnant with Lexi, and I really fell in love with my body then! And I needed that foundation to begin the climb back, and to really discover the athlete inside me in 2013. I have struggled since then, off and on to re-focus myself, and the desire to be skinny pops up when I compare sometimes, but that’s why my hashtag for this part of my journey is 

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