Walks are for kids, and finally setting a major goal date

Tuesday  I worked out four times. I did my JM, walked 3.4 mi, 37m yoga, and 40 min on the bike. While I was walking, I made a decision. The walks cannot, for now at least, have any agenda other than  giving the kids what they need-whether its Declan needing a nap, all of us heading to the park, or just some fresh air. There are two to three other times in the day right now when mama’s workout has to come first, (though I’m hoping to get to the point when I’m getting all that done before they get up), and that time needs to be about them. It counts as exercise for me, obviously, but I can’t set my agenda for it, because the kids will need something different from day to day. 

My fitness will improve, and with it my pace and therefore distance, but that has to just be gravy. This should also help me reduce overtraining, which is a struggle for me, and with the delicate balance my mental health is in right now, I can’t afford it. 
I also finally put a date on my biggest  external fitness goal. I want my abs by my 35th birthday. That’s just under 11 months, and I don’t know if it’s gonna happen-because I’ve never actually had abs… But I’m gonna try my very best while still living my life. I’m gonna have dessert sometimes, I’m gonna have sushi and fried chicken on occasion. I’m gonna eat clean and real food most of the time and train like no tomorrow. I’ll never be one of those women who can eat whatever I want and not work out, but I am the woman who will reap rewards of hard work and not deprive myself of living life. 
This is a good thing to remind myself of as we head to the beach next week, because I fully intend to EAT and have no regrets-and also to go for lots of ways and do lots of yoga. Balance, Yo. 

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