It’s Thursday of the first week back from the beach, and I’m feeling and thinking a lot of things. Most of them good, a few a bit less so. 

First challenge: PMS induced crazy. My hormones are all in flux due to my body attempting to do what it should, and this has brought back the anxiety after my having a break from full on intense painful fear for most of the past two weeks or so, and I can feel the pressure building. Today I’ll try to brainstorm some “at my fingertips” rescue methods. I’m also really tired from many many late nights the past two weeks, and that doesn’t help. 
Another challenge: I’m slightly overwhelmed by all that we are on the cusp of, with starting a new school year, me starting BodyShred and really getting serious about dialing in my health and developing my yoga practice, and what that means for daily life and finding routine in a time when a strict schedule isn’t always possible. 
The flip side of that sense of being overwhelmed, though, is BIG excitement. As daunting as it feels to start kindergarten, I’m so excited for the empowerment Lexi will find in being able to read. As tough as I know my workouts will be, and how tired I’ll be at first, I know the rewards to my physical, emotional, and mental health will be beyond worth it if I’m committed and consistent. 
I’m excited because I’m starting this new season with a home that is clean and tidy, and a fair, managable plan to keep it that way without hours of work per day. I’m not super thrilled that we came home from the beach to discover we had had a mousey house sitter, but God works in mysterious ways, and now our house is deep cleaned, we are creating habits of sweeping and vacuuming more, and there are no signs of return visits. Thank ya Jesus. 
I am definitely more excited than overwhelmed by all that’s beginning, and I know that if I’m able to breathe deep and live in each moment with intention, I will see myself blooming vibrantly. 

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