Finally making progress and yoga goals

So, I’m finally seeing progress and changes in my body externally. I’m a little afraid to jinx it but I do believe my goal of fitting into my size six jeans by vacation is  within reach! 

Current status: size 8 jeans fit fine, size 8 skinny jeans are a leeeetle muffin toppy, but they are the most unforgiving pants I’ve ever owned so pbbbbt! Haha! Naw, but they will look great soon. 
I’m not seeing on the scale quite yet, and that could partly be because it’s a new scale, and partly because I’m focusing so much on gaining muscle. I dunno. I only really care about the scale as it relates to how much I should be eating. With that in mind, I’ll probably knock my calories down by 50 pretty soon, and after vacation, another 50, or more based on whatever change I see on the scale. 
Ohhh I’m a bit nervous about vacation…how am I gonna stay on track without driving the boys nuts? I know I’m gonna do yoga and go for walks, but intensity isn’t gonna be the same. Recovery will be good, but I also have to be mindful of what’s going in! 
I’m doing pretty well at reigniting my yoga practice. I have so far to go, but so far I’m really enjoying making time for mindfulness and getting to know my body all over. I have recently pinpointed some goals, and I’ll be adding more soon I’m sure. 
-crow pose: so far I have managed *once* to hold the pose for about 1.5 seconds. So I really want to begin mastery of this. 
-Shoulder stand-I want to be able to hold this and move it into- 
-Plow. I’d love to be able to reach my feet back to the floor. 
-Chaturanga- this is something I’m going to be working on for awhile I think. I am doing tricep push-ups and really trying to develop this, and I’ll be workshop ping it alongside crow. 

More to come!!!

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