Ambitions, concrete plans, and what I can do right now

I’ve made a decision. I’m going to start training for my RYT 200 certification next fall. It’s been a “someday” for awhile, but now it’s a concrete plan with a date. By then I imagine Declan will be done nursing, or at least not NEED to nurse throughout the day.  It also gives us time to come up with the money, which is a whole other blog post. 

Obviously I have shorter term goals and plans, and I’ve been thinking about how to begin working toward being ready for training by reviving my yoga practice even while I continue to pursue and reach those goals. It’s given me a new look at my fitness journey, and even answered some long standing questions. 
Two years ago, between pregnancies, when I’d finished the weight loss focused part of my journey, I felt a little lost as to where to go next. This is the answer. Obviously I want to continue to develop
Overall fitness and strength and endurance, but instead of HIIT being the core of what I do (as it is right now, while I’m trying to become healthy and fit and lean and burn all the calories while building muscle, yoga will be the core and HIIT and cycle will complement that.

Here’s how I see that transition going over the next 15 mos or so: 

JMBR 4x a week
30 min cycle 4-6x a week
20+ min yoga 4-6x a week

After I finish BR until I reach fat loss goal: 
HIIT 4x a week (Jillian DVD)
30 min cycle 4-5x a week
60 min cycle once a week (for endurance)
20+ min yoga 4-6x a week

Once I hit fat loss goal : 
HIIT 2x a week 
60m cycle 2x a week
30(on HIIT days)-60m yoga 6x per week 

Hopefully this will get me to a place in my practice where I feel confident going into teacher training. I’m so excited to be moving toward this training, because it’s such a lifelong dream of helping others find balance and strength in who God has made them. 

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