Fourteen years later…

Fourteen years ago, on a rainy morning, I woke up from a night of very little sleep and waited, knowing my waiting was just about over. No longer would I feel rejected, undesirable, unworthy, because today one man was standing up in front of anyone who wanted to see and saying HE wanted me. This was the day my fairy tale began, I thought. I put on a white dress, walked with my Daddy, and saw the smiling face of the man who chose me for himself forever. I don’t remember much from that day, but I remember that smile. 
These years haven’t always been out of a Disney film, but they have been beautiful. The struggles, the heartbreaks, the mistakes, the challenges, have all knit us closer into each other and made us more thankful that this is a marriage of two people with God at the center. Every year I think I’m more in love with you than that teenage girl ever dreamed possible, and every year later I’m amazed at the blessing of the way that love has grown. 
Thank you, my Angel, for your love, your commitment-to me, to the kids, to being faithful in all areas, for weathering our storms with me. I love you more than words. 
Happy Anniversary, Scotty. 

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