Seven weeks in

So, since I did two extra days at the beginning of level 1, and two extra at the end of level 3, I’m now seven weeks into my fifth time through this program, And I have not missed one day. I’m pretty proud of that. I’m taking a mini recovery (still gonna get on the bike) while my grandma is here the second half of the week, so I’ll start workout 7/8 on Monday. 

So, what are my results so far? Not what I expected, and frankly, not what I hoped. I have no idea what I’ve lost in the scale, because, well, I didn’t have one at the start. I’m almost but not quite in my size 8 jeans (regular not skinny) and I weigh 181 lbs as of yesterday morning. Not horrible, except I weighed 182 at 3 weeks pp-over a year ago. buuuut that was on another scale, and who knows how far off that was…yada yada. Doesn’t matter. I would like to get to 150 or less at some point, but the scale is, for now, going to be a tool for calorie intake regulation, not a measure of progress. 
And I don’t even know if my jean size is a great measure right now- will my hips fit in a size four again after two babies? Maybe, but it may take more time and not be related to how hard I work. I realized yesterday that at fourteen months pp with Lexi I was at about the same point in JMBR (though not nearly as fit) and weighed about the same, but was a size bigger. I wasn’t in a size four till Lexi was 21-24 mos. soooo… My goal of size four shorts at the beach may be a bit lofty. (Declan will be 17.5 mos then.i had been in an 8 comfortably for about 6w at that time post Lexi.) I’m still hoping to buy size four jeans in October (when my capris will probably cease to make sense…) but we shall see. 
So, am I seeing any results? I am! Other than being a bit smaller, i’m amazed at my performance. I have always struggled with this level of the program, particularly workout 5, but I have done great this time through, and using heavier weights than the folks in the video on pretty much every exercise. I’ve done the super mans with weights every time-never been able to do any like that before! Yesterday I started out by doing 2 sets of 20 push ups before hitting play, and when I stated this round, I couldn’t do 5 in one set. So that’s awesome, and I’m well on my way back to sets of 25. 
Um also seeing my upper body muscles come back, which is really cool, because other than abs for the first time, im really passionate about getting my arms back. Shoulders always pop first, then triceps, but I’ve started to see my biceps too. That’s really exciting. I’m curious what will happen over the next few weeks as I work  spinning into my routine! 
Oh, and if anyone wants to get me some 12 and 15 lb weights, that’d be great, cuz I’m using 10’s for pretty much all the back and Bicep work now… Yay! 

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