Not all Mondays

So, it’s Tuesday morning, round 6:30, and as I drink my coffee, I feel  like I need to write about yesterday. Because Monday’s generally suck.cthey do.cthere is never enough weekend, never enough rest, especially since we moved and have been trying to do allll the things we’ve dreamed of for so long living in an apartment. Garage organization, gardening, groceries, home decor, you name it, it’s been busy. This past weekend was no exception. Scott was up early working on building shelves that will take the garage from storage mess to functional usable space, and when I convinced him to take a break from that it was almost midday, and we had kids to bathe and a grocery trip, and then naps to take, and cooking to do,call so we could get out the door to a birthday party to celebrate my wonderful Father in Law’s 60th birthday. We got home from that late, and extrovert Mae wasn’t falling asleep very fast. Then Sunday, Scott was up early again workin on his shelves, and we quickly realized we couldn’t leave half the garage in the backyard and go to church, so it was full steam ahead for him. Then my sister in law, her best friend, my Father in law, and Max all came over for a cookout. Super fun, and my first time really getting to hostess here! Then Scott and Max worked till 9:30 to finish the shelves, and I was sent to bed a little after ten, in an attempt to get me enough sleep to wake up and work out on time. 

I was up at 5 to feed Declan, and I just knew there was no way at all that I was getting up at 6 with how I felt, so when my alarm went off, I just silenced it and rolled over. I hadn’t missed a workout in this house, and I didn’t intend to, but that was a problem to solve later. Declan decided we would wake up around 8, so we nursed and cuddled, and came down for breakfast, and I decided I’d work out with him in the pack n play before we got Lexi up. So many things tried to get in my way: Declan felt clingy, my knee was bothering me, it was getting late (9:30), the computer that my workouts are loaded on wasn’t talking to the tv… But I overcame and cranked out a great workout. Declan whimpered anytime I slowed down, but as long as I kept moving he was excited and dancing and laughing as he watched. Then we went and got Lexi up, and she woke up happy and blessedly with a diaper that was only wet! (“Just wet, Mama, your favorite!”) She did great during school, and then we set up our little kiddie pool out back and had a great time until nap time- and after nap, more pool fun and a cookout with Daddy! 
Best of all, the anxious and depressed cloud I’ve been wrestling extra hard with the past few weeks seems to have moved on for a bit. 
Yesterday was a fantastic day, and I share this possibly inane story to illustrate that just because a day or a situation has been bad in the past doesn’t mean it always will be. Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in awhile, and it was a freakin Monday!

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