That awkward phase…

Where you’ve been working out for almost 2 weeks, and you’re getting stronger, and that’s so cool, but you’re also OH so tired. And sore. And your plantar fasciitis is acting up, probably cuz you’re not doing all the care things, AND you’re walking 3.5 miles a day pushing almost 100lbs of stroller and kids. And you’re all swollen cuz that’s how your body reacts to exercise. 

But you’re not gonna quit, because on the other side of this is energy, and strength, and feeling good mentally and physically, and clothes that fit and look good, and really tough spin classes and advanced yoga. Some of these things sooner than others, but they are all coming with hard work and dedication. 
One day at a time. One workout at a time. One meal at a time. You’re becoming your best for yourself and your family. You are worth it. 

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